Stop losing entire days to hangovers with the Hangover Patches

The Hangover Patches actively prevent and reduce the effects of hangovers after a night of drinking, helping you wake up more refreshed the next day.


  • Prevent Hangovers

  • Discreet & Simple

  • Safe & Effective

100% Organic

Manufactured in the USA


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The benefits really aren't up for debate

Prevent a hangover in the first place

When you put a patch on before drinking, it will help your body to neutralize the negative effects of each drink and process it better - meaning no hangover.

Gentle on

your body

Unlike pills, Akalo patches deliver directly to your body by avoiding the digestive tract - allowing your body to absorb consistently over the course of 24 hours.

Not just for


Akalo patches also work miracles for jet-lag. Simply put one on before your flight and enjoy jet-lag free travels.



One patch remains effective for 24h so you’re comfortably covered whilst you sip the night away.

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Improve Next Day Productivity - without sacrificing good times

Don't waste the next day recovering from a massive hangover in bed.  With the Hangover Patches you can relax and enjoy good times knowing you’ll wake up feeling fresh. Our Hangover patches give you back your time.

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Why choose Akalo over 'big-pharma' pills?

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The reviews are in...

See what AKALO customers think of the Hangover Patches...

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Our patches are simple and easy to use


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AKALO Vitamin B1 Hangover Patches - AKALOAKALO Vitamin B1 Hangover Patches - AKALO
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100% Organic

Manufactured in the USA


FREE US Shipping

Have a question?

Where should I wear my patch?

Place on a clean, dry and hair-free part of your body. Just remember to put it on as soon as you board a plane, and always BEFORE consumption of alcohol…and leave it on while you sleep.

Your inner hip (along the beltline), upper arm, and inner forearm are all good locations. Even the top of the foot will work, if you're wearing a sock to keep your patch safe. In case of extended wear in the water, we recommend applying a new patch after completely drying.

Each patch should maintain effectiveness for 24 hours.

Can I swim/shower with a patch?

Our vitamin patches are all able to be worn in the water. They adhere best if they are applied to dry skin, so if you have already been swimming or in the pool/ocean for an extended period, make sure you dry off sufficiently. A little water may get under the patch, but as they are only to be worn for 24 hours, this shouldn't have too much of a negative effect on the experience and may even aid with removal.

Can I have too much B1?

The reason that we created this Hangover Patch for use when consuming alcohol is that as you drink, your body exhausts its stores of B1. An AKALO Hangover patch restores the levels of B1 as you continue to consume drinks. There is little evidence of B1 being toxic, but if you have a specific worry, we would recommend speaking with your doctor. An important note is that while there is 50mg of B1 in each patch, only a portion of that will pass through your skin.

What’s the benefit of a patch?

Patches bypass the acids in your stomach and deliver nutrients directly to your body over an extended period of time.

Where are your products made?

We are fully transparent in our manufacturing process. All of our patches are all made with safety and hygeine in mind in the U.S.A. in our very own FDA-inspected facility.

Can I receive a refund if I'm not satisfied?

Simply email us at and let us know what happened so that we may process a refund for any unused patches.

Free shipping | 30-day returns

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