Answers to your frequently asked questions.

We have found that the best place to wear patches is somewhere that doesn't bend too much and that doesn't see a lot of friction.

The forearm, the lower stomach and the backside are all good places.

If you find another great spot, we'd love to hear from you!

Wearing patches is game changing for a lot of our customers. Using the skin as a transport is exciting and new. We’re glad you’re as excited as we are!

Whether you find your rhythm in frequent use or only a couple a month, it’s important to think about the skin's natural expectations. Naturally, it isn’t used to being covered by a patch. So if your skin is working hard for you, be sure to let it recover.  A 24hr patch wear is like a local workout for your dermis. To keep your skin in tip top shape, the best way to lend it a hand is by alternating patch locations.  When asking the body to do something unconventional, we have to work with it, and that means giving it a break. It can be helpful to think of the IV analogy again.  Doctors do not routinely administer an IV to the same location over and over again.  For sure it’s very cool that we can get directly into your bloodstream, but it’s a good idea to pick a different spot and let your body heal. Simply put, do not place your patch in the same spot over and over again.

Patches bypass the acids in your stomach and deliver nutrients directly to your body over an extended period of time.

Have a look at our Science page for more information.

Our vitamin patches are all able to be worn in the water.

They adhere best if they are applied to dry skin, so if you have already been swimming or in the pool/ocean for an extended period, make sure you dry off sufficiently.

A little water may get under the patch, but as they are only to be worn for 24 hours, this shouldn't have too much of a negative effect on the experience and may even aid with removal.

The reason that we created a vitamin B1 patch for use when consuming alcohol is that as you drink, your body exhausts its stores of B1. An AKALO B1 patch restores the levels of B1 as you continue to consume drinks.

There is little evidence of B1 being toxic, but if you have a specific worry, we would recommend speaking with your doctor. An important note is that while there is 50mg of B1 in each patch, only a portion of that will pass through your skin.

Our patches are all made in the U.S.A. in an FDA-inspected facility.

Sometimes there will be a bit of leftover adhesive, similar to a Band-Aid or athletic tape. If this happens, we've found that using a small amount of petroleum-based ointment will help to remove the residue.

We don't recommend wearing multiple vitamin D3 patches at the same time. Feel free to wear multiple B1 patches. Many of our friends wear two at a time.

Simply email us at customerservice@akalo.co and let us know what happened so that we may process a refund for any unused patches.

Absolutely. Email us at info@akalo.co