AKALO Testimonials

Not only did it prevent a hangover it actually seemed to make my skin glow and gave me more energy. I am pretty tiny and get hangovers with just a few drinks. Your patches are a little miracle.
- Yvette G.


Loved it I'll be ordering more. Could have used one last night.
- Drew M.


The patches were amazing! I was with a group of 11 people. The first night only 2 of us used the patches, and it turned out that they mowed the grass outside our airbnb at 7am the next morning. Everyone woke up with headaches except the 2 of us with the AKALO patches on. The next day everyone had at least 1 patch on.
- Austin B.


I’m surprised to say it worked. I woke up with no headache, which is usually what happens to me after a day of drinking.
- Kristin K.


I love the patches and truly feel like they worked! I meant to come by on Saturday to buy more but completely forgot. I will be sure to purchase more soon.
- Anna C.


So far so good. I’ve only used it one time but it helped a bunch.
- Nick S.


These patches are f'ing epic! I tried the vitamin B1 patch and felt so much better than I expected to the next morning.
- James L.


AKALO means I feel better than I deserve to.
- CB


AKALO is like a silent wingman, it has your back and ensures you can be at your best.
- Caleb L.


It was a pleasure meeting you. I used my patch on Friday night and it was awesome. Felt great in the morning. 😊
- Amanda K.


Have been using these for awhile and they work every time, never woken up with a headache. Put these bad boys in our gift bags for our wedding and guests dug them. Just way more stylish/fun than your typical packet of Advil. Highly highly recommend for weddings or any occasion!
- Geoff K.


Highly recommend! Gave these to guests at our recent wedding and also used myself. First off, the product works. Basically I put a patch on my torso and forgot about it after a minute. Was a long night of celebration but woke up surprisingly fresh for post-nuptial brunch. Can’t thank AKALO enough. Second, thanks to Justin the team for getting the patches to us on time despite late order. Wish I’d heard of these years ago!
- Adam C.


Definitely saved my life after this weekend's bachelorette festivities. Thanks!
- Jenn E.